Turning Reluctant Readers into Reading Superheroes!

Surprise and delight the Reluctant Reader,  English Language Learner, Proficient Reader, or Comic Book Lover in your life with a monthly subscription box of comics they'll love to read.

Easy to order

Choose a "G Rated Crate," a "PG+ Crate," or a "Teen+ Crate" and we'll pick fun, engaging comics your kids will love to read.

Always on time

Your Comic Crate arrives each month with a variety of fun and popular comics by Marvel, DC, Disney, and more. Shipping is FREE!

Fits any budget

Enjoy Comic Crate for one month, or save big by subscribing for six or 12 months, all with free shipping.

Be a Reading Superhero

Your kids will love reading all the comics in their Comic Crate each month!


What’s a Comic Crate?

Comic Crate is a monthly subscription box for Comic Book Lovers, Reluctant Readers, or English Language Learners. 

Comic Crate makes it easy to fall in love with reading! Just select a "G Rated Comic Crate," a “PG+ Comic Crate," or a "Teen+ Comic Crate." 

We will personally select six comic books each month that fit this rating--popular comics from Marvel, DC, Disney and other major publishers.

Can't I just go to the comic book store? 

If you’ve ever visited a comic book store, you might be overwhelmed by the thousands of comics available for sale.

New comics are released every single week, and it can be tough to determine which ones are right for your family. There are multiple publishers and rating systems, making it difficult to know which comics to choose. 

Comic Crate makes it easy for you. We are parents with 20+ years of experience owning a comic book store, and we will pick the best comic books for your favorite reader.

Why comics?

Comics are an incredible tool to help kids love to read! They're enticing and engaging--a multimedia reading experience for all kinds of readers and learners.

Comic books present essential ideas, dialogue, and emotions through concise text and images, just like an infographic. 

They may even bring back childhood memories of riding your bike to the corner store to pick up comics of your own!

How It Works

1. Choose your crate

Select a "G Rated Comic Crate," a "PG+ Comic Crate," or a "Teen+ Comic Crate." 

2. We select your comics

We personally select comics you'll love from our store in Sacramento, CA.

3. Have fun reading!

Your Comic Crate will arrive in just a few days, with six comics that are engaging and fun to read. 

Parents & Kids Say:

"I took a shot in the dark, hoping that this comic box would be something  that my daughter would take to and have been pleasantly surprised.  After two boxes coming almost immediately after being charged, the boxes  have proven to be great quality and you get more than your money's  worth in each shipment. She now has a great collection of comics, which  will keep her busy when (and if) she ever gets burnt out on YouTube  videos! ;-)" 

--David in Austin, TX

How do comics help with reading? 

We’re so glad you asked! Comic books are a great reading experience for all types of readers. 

Reluctant Readers enjoy comic books because the short bursts of text and vivid images are easier to read than the solid text in a prose book. 

English Language Learners can match the text to the images in comic books to help decode and understand the text. 

Proficient Readers can enjoy the art and text, while learning how the comic medium models concise language. 

Comic Book Lovers of all ages and reading levels can appreciate and enjoy the enticing and engaging stories in today's comic books.